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Solving niche challenges creative businesses face.

DNA-Design creates opportunities and coping mechanisms for the business of design.

Helping entrepreneurial experts in the creative industry make better business decisions.

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“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”

Mark Twain

Business Advisory

We bring highly specialised expertise, methods and skills that creative organisations like yours may lack, need more of, or want to explore.  Creative organisations come to DNA-Design to diagnose, prescribe and remedy their creative business related challenges.  We offer customized strategic solutions that ultimately create impact for shareholders and owners by leaving behind something of lasting value.

​The more impactful your advisory work, the more uncertain scope can be. 

That's because really great advisors solve the underlying problem and not the presenting problem.

Craft Advisory

Design was once a niche in itself.  Today Design is ever evolving, proliferating into niche areas of expertise across the many facets of the design spectrum. As design continues to make waves in the booming creative economy, design business differentiation depends on the very ability to hone their craft in their design area of expertise.

​A craftsperson battles for perfection, using the tools we feel comfortable with and used by pioneers before us, inspired by mastery in the designers around us. Design is about observing things. And about enjoying the boring stuff. Design is something that makes people happy!


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